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Chatsworth Roadside Assistance

Chatsworth Roadside Assistance

We do roadside assistance for your car in and around the Chatsworth Area.  That’s all we do at Chatsworth Roadside Assistance, so we do it really well.  We specialize in fast service, reasonable rates and guaranteed results.

There are many towing and roadside assistance companies in the Valley which offer Full-Of-It  Service and all kinds of helpful extras such as:

  • Padding your bill
  • Towing you instead of fixing your car
  • Charging your credit card before charging your battery
  • Damaging your car door AND window while opening a locked door
  • Taking so long to get there that it turns into a jumpstart, too.

Services at Chatsworth Roadside Assistance

We concentrate on the Four Gs of Southern California roadside assistance – Gas Delivery – Get A Jumpstart – Get A Tire Change – and Geeez, I locked my keys in the car!

Roadside Assistance Chatsworth

Even if you don’t choose us, we’ll give you some tips for roadside assistance value.

Gas Delivery

So what if you spend so much time admiring your teeth in the read-view mirrors that you haven’t glanced at the fuel gauge since last Tuesday?  We won’t judge you, we’ll just bring out a few gallons of gas in a jiffy, so your dreaded unexpected road emergency turns out to be a minor glitch that sets you back just a few minutes.

We also make sure all our roadside help vehicles are equipped with spare gas and diesel  gas because truck drivers are just as absent-minded as the rest of us.

Get A Jump Start

To most people, getting a jumpstart couldn’t be easier – to a professional roadside company, giving a jumpstart is more complex than you can imagine. We won’t just blast your car with a surge of power that could wake the dead and let you drive off.

Our technicians will diagnose your electrical problem, let you know what’s going on with your battery and alternator, advise you of what you should do after you get a jumpstart… and then we blast your car with enough juice to wake the dead, bring a big rig back to life, or get ANY vehicle on the road again.

Get A Tire Change

We win this category every time.  Chatsworth Roadside Assistance will do whatever it takes to get you rolling again. Heck, most emergency services assistants won’t even touch your flat tire if you don’t have your own spare in the trunk.

We’ll buy you a new tire, or a used tire, deliver it to the side of the road, install it and balance it – all in the time it takes to make a pit stop.

Geez, I Locked My Keys In The Car

Don’t laugh, but many people call us before they check to make sure ALL the car doors are locked. Earlier this week, one of our most skilled locksmiths (Omar) spent nearly 20 minutes trying to get into a tricky BMW while a young girl opened the passenger door to retrieve a stuffed animal.

The solution to an auto lockout can be as simple as a padded slim-jim  tool, or as complicated as drilling through the trunk and re-keying the ignition. Whatever the  problem, Chatsworth Roadside Assistance can fix it fast.

You may want to go with one of the highest-ranked roadside companies on Google, so you don’t have to scroll down too much – oh wait, that’s us!   You may want to go with the oldest and most trusted company in the Northridge/Chatsworth area – us again!

Just call (818) 436-6461

Chatsworth Roadside Assistance will know what to do.



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