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Towing Service Chatsworth is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week so no matter where you are and what time, you’re always going to be near a professional local tow truck driver who is available at your disposal. We offer only the highest rated tow truck services in the city of Chatsworth. Give Towing Service Chatsworth a call today at (818) 436-6461 for more information regarding our available services as well as our reliable roadside assistance services.

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Towing Service ChatsworthHere at towing service Chatsworth, you’re sure to find some surprising discoveries. We offer a large variety of tow trucks to come to your location and provide you with whatever services your car may need. Some of tow trucks include heavy-duty tow trucks, medium duty tow trucks, flatbed towing and wheel lift tow trucks.

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Other services that we offer include professional emergency roadside assistance services. “What are these,” you might ask? These roadside services occur when you need a professional technician to come out to your location and offer you a bit of assistance. For example, if you lock your keys in your car we can open your car with their tools and retrieve your keys for you. Another service that we offer, is if you’re on the freeway or in the streets and you run out of gas, and your miles away from a gas station, we can help with you. Lastly, if your tire has been flat or slashed, we have all the necessary cross tools and go-jacks to perform for you a tire change. These and other services are available daily for your convenient needs.


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Towing Service of Chatsworth, has been around for over a decade. Since 1995 we’ve been offering 24 hour service is all over the city of Chatsworth. Here in our towing company, we offer only reliability, affordability, and punctuality. All of our drivers are highly rated on yelp, and they have at least five years of veteran tow truck service is on the belt. Give Towing Service Chatsworth a call today to see which one of our drivers are closest to you, no matter what street you’re on. We place tow truck drivers along the main streets of Chatsworth, including Devonshire and Topanga. For other locations, call us right now for better information. If you’re in need of towing in Simi Valley or Towing Services in Agoura Hills, we can sometimes be understaffed so we pawn our callers to our trustworthy friends.

Chatsworth Towing ServicesAdditional Services

Winch out services are difficult to find in Chatsworth, Porter Ranch, West Hills and Northridge because of their overly difficult necessity. If you’re stuck in mud, sand, gravel, atop a curb, or in a ditch, we offer ditch recovery as well as our winch out services.¬†There are many types of tow truck providers around, but only we can serve your needs how your want it, and secure your vehicle without damaging it and making sure that it remains intact so you can still drive it away when we’re done with it. That’s our guarantee.

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